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MOSSERY Twinbook

MOSSERY Notebooks

MOSSERY Twinbooks

Thoughtful Stationery.

I’ve always been the kind of person who uses more than one notebook at a time because I like to separate my notebooks according to different functions and purposes. If you’re like me, you’re going to be thrilled about these products from MOSSERY - now in stock at Colemans Online - just arrived from Malaysia!

......Also, it’s refillable! This means that you can now use your favourite covers continually while switching out your used text papers for brand new ones. Or vice versa, swapping different covers for different days or moods sounds exciting too!

Here's a quick FAQ for you:

What is the MOSSERY Twin System?

In short, this is a way to having more than one notebook fitted into a single sleeve. This means that any products that are Twin-System compatible are able to fit two light threadbound books into one hardcover sleeve. Hence the name.

Will refills be available? 

We are selling Light refills to those who are currently purchasing or who have already purchased MOSSERY Twinbooks. 

What sort of Paper do they have?

The paper is high quality, made in Italy,  100gsm, acid-free in bright white. FSC certified, It meets standards: ISO 9706 Long Life and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard

What size is a MOSSERY twinbook?

200mm high x 150mm wide x 20mm depth

What other features does a MOSSERY Twinbook have?

They have threadbound hardcovers, with rounded corners and includes a ribbon bookmark, front and back pockets.

What's not to love about these beautiful high quality notebooks?