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Moleskine Planners 2022

Moleskine Planners for 2022 and 18 month planners covering July 2021-December 2022

Last year Moleskine did three colours in addition to Black, Red and Navy Blue: Cadmium Orange, Myrtle Green and Pink.  This year they are doing only two colours: ice Green and Bougainvillea Pink,  but Ice Green is also available in soft cover.

This year there are going to be four colours available in hardcover and Soft cover in the 18 month weekly notebook range, the 12 month daily (day per page) range and the 12 month range: Black, Scarlet Red, Sapphire Blue and Ice Green.

The Bougainvillea Pink will only be available in Hardcover as an 18 month Weekly notebook, 12 month Daily (Day per page) and 12 month weekly notebook.

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