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lever arch  files and ringbinders from Exacompta, Pukka or Q-Connect.

Files Pockets Binders

Lever Arch Files from Exacompta, Pukka, Q-Connect.

Pastel Ringbinders, Pastel box files,  Pukka Pads Leverarch Files and Ringbinders - Colemans stock a wide range of filing - essential for keeping your notes and other documents in an easy to access way. Brighten your shelf with quality colourful files from Exacompta, Pukka Brights or Q-Connect. 

Dividers and Indexes for A4 and A5 files made from recycled card and plastic, in pastel or bright colours.

Index cards from Silvine and Deflecto boxes to store them in, are perfect for revision and keeping records of contacts in an orderly fashion.