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COPIC Ciao marker pens - The introductory graphic marker

A versatile graphic marker ideal for students and beginners to explore the joy of drawing, refillable, ultra-blendable and made with the highest grade of expertly formulated alcohol and dye-based inks. With a simpler design and lower ink content it makes a more economical option yet it features the same premium quality nibs as Copic Sketch.

Which colors should I start with?

A. COPIC manufacturers recommend starting with some lighter shades since Copic colors are versatile, by applying the color in layers, the ink will intensify and become darker. We suggest that you choose around 10 colors based on what you plan to draw.

Refillable with Copic Ink: 
Copic markers are designed to last, when the ink runs low you can easily refill with Copic Ink, available in all 358 colors.

Specialized colors: Available in 180 select colors with emphasis on shades that are easy to layer and blend, ideal for beginners. The end caps are child-safe and color codes can be found on the barrel.

Easy to use nibs: The Super Brush is ideal for shading and blending while the Medium Broad allows for large coverage and various marks.

Product Name: Copic Ciao

Content:  Alcohol-based dye ink

Available colours: we stock 60 best sellers of the 180 colors

Ink amount / refill: Around 1.4ml, each

Copic Ink refills Copic Ciao up to 9 times.

Main Unit Specifications:

Size: 12x12x150 mm, Weight: 11g

  • Ciao Marker Pen Aqua Blue
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    COPIC Ciao Marker Pen

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     Copic Ciao Marker Pen The COPIC Ciao marker pen offers the same level of quality as more expensive Copic markers. It has a compact body shape, wit...

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    Original price £4.99
    Current price £3.69
    Save 26%