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LAMY Safari Special Edition Pens 2022 Strawbery and Cream

Strawberry & Cream - LAMY Special Edition Pens 2022

LAMY safari Special Edition 2022 Pens - Strawberry & Cream

LAAMY Safari Strawberry Rollerball penLAMY Safari Cream Rollerball Pen

LAMY safari pens -  a modern pen for the young and those young at heart.  The LAMY Safari Fountain Pen was designed by Wolfgang Fabian. At the beginning of the eighties  when it was launched, it created a stir with its avant-garde design and its prominent, spring-loaded clip.

LAMY special edition Strawberry and Cream


LAMY safari pen - LAMY Safari Fountain pen, LAMY Safari Rollerball or ballpoint are all extraordinarily robust. With special editions launched each year - the LAMY safari has become a global success and a modern design classic that has established itself as a sought-after lifestyle product in many countries around the world.


LAMY Safari Special Edition 2022 Strawberry Fountain PenLAMY Special Edition 2022 Cream Fountain Pen

To recap a few of the main design features of the LAMY Safari:

The LAMY pen stainless steel nib

What is the LAMY nib made of?

This a sturdy, long-lasting stainless steel nib. It is fully replaceable and provides a very pleasant and even ink flow. Nibs are available in different widths from fine to broad and also as a left-handed variant.

 LAMY STrawberry and Cream Special edition pens

The LAMY pen Grip

What is special about the LAMY pen grip?

The grip is an ergonomically shaped grip to enable writing for long periods of time without tiring, particularly good for young writers to promote correct hand shape.

The LAMY pen ink cartridge

What cartridges does the LAMY pen take?

There is a window that shows how much ink is left in the cartridge. LAMY cartridges are available in many colours to suit your specific needs.

The LAMY pen Casing

What is a LAMY pen made from?

The Safari pen casing made from ABS plastic, in various colours - a very resilient material with a lid fitted with an automatic spring-action metal clip that’s chrome plated. The pen feels lightweight at just 15 grams, and 14 centimetres in length. This lightweight appearance is deceptive and belies its resilience and strength as a writing instrument - it is the bestselling writing instrument in the world in its category. 

LAMY Safari Ballpoint Pen StrawberryLAMY Safari Ballpoint Pen CreamLAMY Special Edition 2022 Ink Eraser

 There are 5 reasons LAMY quote which are beneficial for those who choose to write with the LAMY Safari:

  1. LAMY Safari pens facilitate the development of fine motor skills and clearly legible handwriting.
  2. LAMY pens have grips with age-appropriate ergonomics. This promotes a secure grip when writing and prevent cramping in the fingers, enabling the development of legible handwriting.
  3. Writing with a fountain pen promotes the capacity for coordination and concentration.
  4. LAMY Safari Pens provides a stable, quality experience, encouraging the child to focus on letter formation. The fountain pen slows down writing movements considerably. This means that children work more carefully.
  5. LAMY Safari smooth-running rollerballs enables faster writing.   


LAMY produce wide-ranging pen varieties, for all writing needs – even for left-handers.

What nibs are available for the LAMY fountain pen? Do LAMY make left handed pens?

LAMY have developed special nibs: unlike right-handed people, those who are left-handers, have to push rather than pull their writing instrument over the paper. Lamy has developed special left-handed nibs for this, with a tapered tip. Even left-handers can therefore benefit from the advantages of fountain pens for learning to write. 4 different nibs facilitate this:

  • A steel nib with a spherical tip – especially for writing novices (LAMY abc, LAMY nexx)
  • LH steel nibs with a tapered tip – especially for left-handers (LAMY abc, LAMY nexx)
  • M steel nibs with a medium-width tip (LAMY nexx)
  • F steel nibs with a fine tip (LAMY nexx)

Colemans Online® stock a great range of Lamy pens from  the Lamy AL-Star & Lamy Safari to the Lamy Joy and Nexx. We also stock the LAMY Logo - and M+ a very cost effective quality option for a ballpoint. With its timeless design and high level of functionality this makes this pen a reliable companion in any and every writing situation. With spring-loaded steel or plastic clip. Push mechanism with integrated clip/push-button unit.

LAMY Safari is now the market leader in Germany and has achieved special status worldwide.

Bring some Strawberries and Cream into your stationery box this summer!

Lamy Safari Special Edition 2022




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