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STEM toys at Colemans

STEM toys for bright young minds from Colemans

4M has been a leader in innovative and educational products to encourage curious young minds for more than 25 years. STEM concepts are increasingly recognized around the world as essential tools for integrated learning development.

4M is Imaginative, Creative, Inspiring and most importantly, Fun! Their educational toys cover a wide range of subjects and include science kits, arts and crafts kits, robotics kits, and more. They encourage your child's inquisitive nature while teaching them to explore the world around them. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of creative games and craft kits for curious kids that promote education. This brand is dedicated to developing exciting products that enhance and inspire children’s natural curiosity and encourage them to be creative.

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Science Magic

They have science for kids covered and have cleverly crafted the scientific processes and theories of Biology, Chemistry and Physics into their activity kits so children can learn whilst having fun. 

Solar System Planetarium

4M also have a number of history themed activity kits from the Natural History Museum which allow children to explore many different topics.

4M’s arts and craft portfolio is rich with pocket money purchases and toys that will keep kids coming back for more. With such an expansive collection on offer, 4M creative kits are fun, practical and priced just right. CLICK HERE to order yours now!

Mould & Paint - Glitter Princess


GALT also have won awards for their STEM products including their Rainbow lab:

With this kit kids can experiment with colour mixing then grow amazing jelly-like crystals in many different colours. They can create a rainbow in a test tube and see the world through rainbow glasses! Rainbow lab includes 12 fun experiments and is part of our new Explore & Discover STEM range. Winner of the 2019 Progressive Preschool Award for Best Preschool STEM Range.

Rainbow Lab

For younger minds, explore this exciting kit and dig up a dinosaur fossil! Experiment with amber slime, make your own dinosaur tracks and discover more about these prehistoric creatures. Includes 3 fun experiments to encourage early stem learning and scientific thinking. Compatible with the National curriculum. Winner of the 2019 Progressive Preschool Award for Best Preschool STEM Range. For 5 years and onwards 

Galt Explore And Discover Dino Lab



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