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Finger or Foot Painting Anyone?

Finger or Foot Painting Anyone?

Children love the texture of cool smooth finger paints to make marks on paper (and other surfaces too!). There are lots of different ideas on what you can do with little fingers and hands. 

Children love to use their feet too - this idea with bubblewrap is great! Finger painting develops hand to eye coordination as well as stimulating all the senses - touching, hearing, seeing and smelling. It gives children the opportunity to express themselves and to develop their creative and artistic talents.


You can also use potatoes, celery and any other natural things from the garden to stamp or stencil on paper. GALT finger paints are really good for this - click here to buy now!

The Galt Toys 6 Finger Paints set, is perfect for young children aged 2 years and over, to discover and enjoy painting with their fingers. Set includes six 100ml plastic pots of thick, washable finger paint. Colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Purple and Green. Adult supervision required.


If you prefer to use a brush there are several types specially for little hands plus aprons to cover up.




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