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Carry on Home Schooling...

Carry on Home Schooling...

Although the plan for all primary school years in England to go back to school before the end of term has been dropped by the government, and secondary schools may not all open in September, some will be getting ready to return to school or to update their equipment for home schooling. There are some interesting facts from the The World Economic Forum COVID Action Platform about the numbers of children who were home schooling in March - around 1.25 billion! (2020 World Economic Forum). Even now, in millions of homes across the globe, parents are juggling like never before, struggling to teach their children whilst still earning a living during lockdown. 

Many children found it hard to suddenly have mum and dad as teachers. Everyones normal weekday routine has gone – and as many parents continue to have to manage their childrens education from home, keeping calm and managing everyones emotions - it is really hard.

Getting creative together can help....

Art can be powerful as it makes you escape for a little bit, and puts you in that mindfulness zone, so time passes more quickly. You can reflect on what you have done and say, ‘I did that and it looks good’. If we do this ourselves, then we are showing a good example of creativity to our children. We have some great products and offers for you to help with writing and creative activities.

Finger painting is still great to do and can be very stress relieving!  Fimo Clay can also be great to use, It is especially for beginners and hobby artists, a Soft and smooth clay with practical division into 8 portions for easy blending. FIMO soft (CLICK HERE) is compatible with FIMO effect and FIMO professional. There are 24 vibrant colours, all Standard block size, 57 g (2 oz). The packs are easy to open and are infinitely versatile: For jewellery, accessories and home deco items Working the clay with your fingers is very soothing. "There is also evidence showing the therapeutic effects of working with clay. Like many other art forms, clay provides a means for children to express their thoughts and feelings in an appropriate way."(quote from Chicago Children's Museum). This could apply to adults too.

 (Priscilla Frank, HuffPost US,June 2020)

So take time out of your busy, strange lives at the moment, by doing something like clay work, or colouring in with your children, it is such a good thing to be doing together. 

Pencils and pencil cases are essential items  to keep everything tidied away, particularly if you are short of space, and  we have some really great items CLICK HERE 

If you are getting your children ready to start back at school, there are many things to remember and new things to add with our social distancing and rules for our new normal:



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