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Polychromos faber Castell at Colemans-online

Artists Colouring Pencils

Polychromos Artists‘ Colour Pencils

Polychromos Artists' Coloured Pencils are very highly regarded by professional artists and are internationally recognised for their unique qualities.
Polychromos pencils give a highly professional finish in many applications including graphics, free artistic design and exact colouring of large areas.
A forerunner in the market, these pencils are made from high-quality materials, by a company with extensive experience in production. The quality standards at Faber-Castell, specified in the production stage, give the Polychromos Artists' Coloured Pencils a guaranteed maximum break resistance and optimal watercolour effects.
Colouring can be of complex fantasies or simple natural images. You could also use them to colour pre-made templates or colouring books. Some of the beneficial effects of colouring, such as in adult colouring books are:
Your stress and anxiety levels can be reduced enabling your brain to enter a meditative state so you become more positive as you succeed in creating something satisfying of beauty. 
Mindfulness is achieved as you concentrate and focus on the present plus its a hobby that can be taken with you wherever you go
At Colemans of Malvern we stock the full range of Polychromos Colouring Pencils - whether you are an artist or a beginner, these pencils are available to you now at a special price of £1.70 each CLICK HERE to buy now and start your colouring journey.
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