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Letts of London Diaries feature ideal diary layouts. Academic Diaries are available in many formats. For 2021-22 there are several new lines including the eco writers and cheetah designs.

Academic Diaries 2021/22

Academic Diaries or Mid-Year Diaries, are available in many formats. For 2021-22 there are several new lines from Letts of London, including the Eco Writers and Cheetah designs. The Sketch range is particularly attractive with titles such as “year like no other”. We have all experienced this sentiment this year. 

Letts of London Diaries feature ideal diary layouts in luxurious covers, we have many different versions for you to choose from. 

 Being back studying at school or at college is challenging in the current climate - so all the more important to start off the new academic year with a planner to help you get the best from your studies.

Whilst a lot of the world works on a January to December calendar there are many for whom the start of a year is marked by a new term or semester.
Whether you are beginning university courses, or perhaps a new teaching jobs in September – the 2021-22 academic year will bring a great number of challenges and requirements to be organised and recorded.
At Colemans we’ve collected a range of great academic diaries to help with that task. There are options for all budgets and in all sizes. Whatever’s suits you best - a compact diary to pop in your pocket or bag or a larger desk based diary - we have something to offer you.
For those who like plenty of space to organise their day – teachers and academics as well as more studious students – the stylish page-a-day diaries by Letts are a great option.
Available in a range of bold colours they include an at-a-glance year planner and pages for notes, contacts.
Academic Diary 2021-2022 Edge A5 (18m)
Letts Edge A5 week-to-view academic diary is perfect for those who want a
minimalist, soft cover diary. It is printed on sustainable paper, using eco-friendly soy-based ink, and has lots of useful info, such as international holidays, dialling codes and time zones. It is a relatively slim and lightweight diary that makes smart use of space – with each left hand page divided into the week’s seven days and the right hand leaf left clear for more free-writing notes and reminders.
The Filofax Finsbury Pocket Organiser is another option for those wanting a refillable diary.
FINSBURY POCKET RASPBERRYWith pages for noting reminders and to-do lists on paper rather than a handset, This smart pocket organiser could be for you.
You can buy academic calendar inserts as well as a range of other refills such as to-do lists and contacts pages, is made from real leather that will last a lifetime. A great gift for someone starting a new course or academic job.
Letts A5 week-to-view wiro-bound diary:
This chunky ring-bound option is perfect for anyone who gets annoyed by diaries that won’t lay flat.
Academic or mid-year diaries begin in June and take you through the whole academic or school year.
Many now come with handy features such as a template for your timetable and lists for deadlines, exams and other coursework deadlines. We have many different designs for you to choose from.

Lastly you do need to pick a style to suit you. Choose one of the new lines with a motivational quote if you need some help and motivation to keep going! Choose a colour you really like and that coordinates with the rest of your new term stationery. We have some great lines from PUKKA and from Leuchtturm1917 to go with the diaries this year.

 Is a Case-Bound Diary better?
Case bound diaries have a spine like a traditionally bound hardback book.
They appear very professional and have a very tidy appearance. It is really personal preference as which you like best for your own needs.
Maybe one of the new ECO styles with Kraft cover is more for you?
What size is best?
There are lots of sizes to choose from whether you want to pop it in your pocket or put it in your backpack or case.
For those who prefer a Pocket sized solution from Letts of London, there are compact styles which are very portable and designed to slip inside your handbag or jacket pocket - perfectly organised to keep you to schedule.

Mid-Size Diaries are available in a range of sizes from A5 sizeA6 size, Book size anSlim. Again with luxurious covers with either hardback or flexible constructions in popular layouts including week to view - or page a day formats

Another option is the MOSSERY Twinbook.....

MOSSERY Twinbooks - these products are very thoughtful..

If you have always been the kind of person who uses more than one notebook at a time because you like to separate your notebooks according to different functions and purposes - you will be thrilled about these products from MOSSERY - now in stock at ColemansOnline®.

......Also, it’s refillable! This means that you can now use your favourite covers continually while switching out your used text papers or diaries or planners, for brand new ones. Or vice versa, swapping different covers for different days or moods sounds exciting too!





Look out for our new All year Diaries for 2022 arriving soon....

Copyright  - Sara Coleman, March 2021

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